Countries qualified for the 2022 world cup finals.

CountryContinentFIFA Ranking
Flag of Argentina  Argentina South America 3
Flag of Australia  Australia Oceania 38
Flag of Belgium  Belgium Europe 2
Flag of Brazil  Brazil South America 1
Flag of Cameroon  Cameroon Europe 43
Flag of Canana  Canana North, Central America and the Caribbean 41
Flag of Costa Rica  Costa Rica North, Central America and the Caribbean 31
Flag of Croatia  Croatia Europe 12
Flag of Denmark  Denmark Europe 10
Flag of Ecuador  Ecuador South America 44
Flag of England  England Europe 5
Flag of France  France Europe 4
Flag of Germany  Germany Europe 11
Flag of Ghana  Ghana Africa 61
Flag of Iran   Iran Asia 20
Flag of Japan  Japan Asia 24
Flag of Korea Republic  Korea Republic Asia 28
Flag of Mexico  Mexico North, Central America and the Caribbean 13
Flag of Morocco  Morocco Africa 22
Flag of Netherlands  Netherlands Europe 8
Flag of Poland  Poland Europe 26
Flag of Portugal  Portugal Europe 9
Flag of Qatar  Qatar Asia 50
Flag of Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia Oceania 51
Flag of Senegal  Senegal Africa 18
Flag of Serbia  Serbia Europe 21
Flag of Spain  Spain Europe 7
Flag of Switzerland  Switzerland Europe 15
Flag of Tunisia  Tunisia Africa 30
Flag of Uruguay  Uruguay South America 14
Flag of USA  USA North, Central America and the Caribbean 16
Flag of Wales  Wales Europe 19